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Jinpeng Ceramics Signed A Contract For Biomass Gasification Low-Nitrogen Burner Heat Source System

DATE: 2021-06-29
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Xinzheng Jinpeng Ceramics is a well-known local ceramic tile production leader. Faced with the high cost of traditional petrochemical fuels, it also affects the sustainable development of the company.

In June 2020, the person in charge of the factory accidentally learned on the Internet that Haiqi Environmental Protection developed a biomass gasification low-nitrogen burner heat source system suitable for China’s national conditions for the ceramic building materials industry. I am very pleased to call for immediate consultation on the relevant specific conditions and to reach a cooperation intention immediately. Our engineering and technical personnel immediately rushed to the site to survey the design and layout and sign the order contract.

This system uses rice husk powder and other biomass fuels in the burner to quickly send high-temperature flames into the hot blast stove through fluidized spray combustion, and the hot blast generated by the hot blast stove is connected to the spray drying tower to dry the clay raw materials. Using and using multi-point linkage control, only one person is required to operate. This greatly reduces fuel costs and improves the product competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

The person in charge of the factory said that due to the modular assembly of the system, the construction period is short, and the investment can be recovered after 2-3 months of operation, which truly maximizes the benefits for our users. Moreover, wood chips, templates, rice husks, wood chips, pellets, bamboo chips, wood powder, sanding powder, Chinese medicine residues, fruit husks and other agricultural and forestry solid wastes can be used. The cost is more cost-effective than traditional energy sources, and it is 60- less than fuel gas. 80%. Very satisfied.


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